Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer brainstorming

Although I like reading fashion magazines, I don't always (or seldom) follow trends. I have my own style and I pretty much stick to it the whole time. It is interesting to see what's in season. I only wear things that suit me or I am feeling little brave then I won't mind trying something new.

Here are some my ideas of a summer outfit.

Outfit no.1
A quirky t-shirt, some colourful shorts and flip flops make up a look of a minimalist.

Outfit no.2
If you are in a hurry of going out then just throw on a jumpsuit, gladiator sandals and some sunnies then you are good to go! Add an extra touch by wearing a jumpsuit with a loud pattern.

Outfit no.3
A dress with some bright heels will instantly glam up your look. Experiment with different styles of heels. If you are opting for low maintenance then instead of bight coloured heels, choose something  brown or black. Wedges are also more comfortable to walk in.

Here are places I like to shop at :)
New Look

"Fashion fades, only style remains"-Coco Chanel. Take time to make yourself feel good. Xoxo Jess

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