Thursday, July 19, 2012

Music make you lose control, let's go!

10 second dance party!!!! I'm enjoying these jams at the moment. Dancing to them like crazy! That awkward moment when you're dancing to SUPER LOUD music then your mum walks in :P


Highway to the danger zone
I know it's an old one but recently rewatched Top Gun and loved it since. It's got a strong beat so rock your air guitar!

Work hard play hard
A Tiesto mix for SanDisk's wake up your phone. Awesome song to re-energise those lazy thoughts after a long day...also a great song while revising.

Both of us
This makes me think of life and being strong. I mostly enjoy the rap, it's really meaningful. So get yo gangsta caps on!

Pound the alarm
Loving this song and strange yet very striking dance. Nicki got me to jump up on my tip toes!

Payphone (cover)
Whilst I love the original version by Maroon 5 (my favourite song at the very moment), I just can't resist Alex Goot's take on this hit 'breakup song'.

Take care. Music can heal lost souls. Xoxo Jess

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