Friday, July 20, 2012

Current Trends: Ombre Hair!

I'm sure you've seen ombre hair around everywhere recently. Everyone's obsessed with it (well nearly everyone). Many celebrities are seen rocking their ombre hair on red carpets, around on the streets, in performances... EVERYWHERE! It's taking over the world!!! (Not really...)

Anyway, I was wondering how this trend even started and I found out that ombre hair was an accidental invention! Apparently in 2008 when many people were being affected by the economic crash, women couldn't afford to get their non-highlighted roots touched up. After leaving their hair to grow out through time, ombre hair became to appear. This created an ombre effect on their hair. This caught on after a while. I think the first time I've heard about this was last autumn. First, it was feather extensions, now it's all about the ombre.

After ombre hair came into fashion, its baby dip-dyed hair was born. Well you can argue that they're the same thing so I guess it's more like its sister. Anyway, people began to add colour to the ends of the hair.

I personally really like ombre hair, but it does cause quite a lot of damage to your hair. Your ends is normally where your hair receives the most damage, bleaching it even further would just cause even more damage. But if you would like to achieve the effect of dip-dyed hair, here's some great tutorials showing you how to get it without having to commit to the colour. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Music make you lose control, let's go!

10 second dance party!!!! I'm enjoying these jams at the moment. Dancing to them like crazy! That awkward moment when you're dancing to SUPER LOUD music then your mum walks in :P

DIY Ideas!

I've been so bored at home everyday lately so I decided to look for things that I can do. I recently found this Youtuber Mr. Kate (aka. themrkate) and she's awesome. She makes DIY videos and they are all very creative. 

I'm obsessed with this video on how to transform your old boring shorts into these flashy studded shorts. They're freaking amazing! Studded shorts is also a huge trend going on this summer, so make sure you don't miss out on it by using this affordable alternative!

Beach/Summer Essentials!

What's a proper summer without going to the beach? It's feels awesome to lay underneath the summer sun and relax after a long and hard year at school. But no one wants greasy skin and smudged makeup after having fun in the heat and water. So here's a few tips to save you from any hassle after a long and enjoyable day at the beach (or when you're on holiday). 

First, and foremost -- SUNSCREEN!!!! (no duh!) Yes, we all make up ridiculous excuses to get away from wearing sunscreen during the summer, but this is a must! You're going to spend the whole day underneath the sun and you do not want to risk getting sun burnt OR getting skin cancer (I know, sounds impossible, but you never know). Even if there's not much sun, there are still a lot of UV rays! (Do not underestimate the power of the sun!)

Now that we're done with the sunscreen lecture, let's move on. To avoid having makeup melting down your face during the day, make sure you wear lightweight, long-lasting and hopefully waterproof makeup. This is what we recommend:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life atm

I'm bored already but whilst school life isn't what I want to go back to, I have to find some entertainment. I thought I'd be going out a lot more but I ended up just sitting at home for the whole day since most of my friends are abroad.

Sort of just started watching Gossip Girl. I got a bit frustrated because I thought of all those cute couples around me, ones which are my best friends. I'm just there, alone. But I'm trying to get rid of those thoughts! I'm actually going to have fun, being a single pringle.

Summer brainstorming

Although I like reading fashion magazines, I don't always (or seldom) follow trends. I have my own style and I pretty much stick to it the whole time. It is interesting to see what's in season. I only wear things that suit me or I am feeling little brave then I won't mind trying something new.

Here are some my ideas of a summer outfit.

My Current Obsessions

It's already the second week of summer and I seem to have forgotten about all the things that I was planning on doing. Somehow I thought learning how to meditate was a good idea (ridiculous, I know). It's not like I'm going to be enlightened just by sitting in the middle of my room with my legs crossed, daydreaming about random crap. So at the end, I decided to give it up (mostly because I have no patience whatsoever and I would start talking to myself) and seek entertainment from guess what -- the Internet (of course).

Therefore this picture on the right explains my current situation. Except I wasn't planning on staring at fruits or counting from one to infinity, and I definitely wasn't planning on doing anything related to school.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random bits and bobs to start off

Summer started about a week ago and I've been sitting at home, lazing around. I like to go on YouTube and watch random videos. So I'm gonna share some of my favourite YouTubers with you.

Looking for a Laugh?

Since it's now summer (and also since you're reading this), I'm sure you must be bored out of your mind. So here are a few things that I'm sure will make you laugh -- well at least they made me laugh (I am quite easily amused though).

Lately I've been sleeping in until 1 in the afternoon everyday and this completely explains my thoughts.
 <-------------------------------------- :D

But seriously, what's up with me sleeping for 12 hours everyday? I get that I've been tired for the past 2 months, but this seems a bit extreme. Oh well, there's no such thing as too much sleep (at least I don't think there is)