Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Ideas!

I've been so bored at home everyday lately so I decided to look for things that I can do. I recently found this Youtuber Mr. Kate (aka. themrkate) and she's awesome. She makes DIY videos and they are all very creative. 

I'm obsessed with this video on how to transform your old boring shorts into these flashy studded shorts. They're freaking amazing! Studded shorts is also a huge trend going on this summer, so make sure you don't miss out on it by using this affordable alternative!

This DIY Boho Boots Tutorial is also really cool! They're super original so you won't face the awkward situation where you realise that another person near you is wearing the same shoes as yours. It's also a great way to recycle your old and worn out leather boots (or even boots that you don't like that much). If you don't happen to have a random pair of boots at home, you can get some really inexpensive (and vintage!) ones from charity shops or thrift stores.

Another Youtuber who I absolutely adore is Andrea (aka. andreaschoice). She's a beauty guru on Youtube but she makes DIY videos once in a while as well (her's is more beauty based eg. DIY hairspray).

This tutorial on how to transform a plain old dress into a super cool bikini cover up is super inventive. Andrea shows you how to cut and tie the pieces together to form this awesome cover up. She even shows you how to bleach it to add in an extra cool effect to the piece. How did she even come up with that?!

This is probably by far my favourite DIY tutorial because it requires no cutting or complicated handicraft work whatsoever. All you do is fold and wrap a T-shirt in some fancy way and BAM! you've got yourself a bag! How cool is that? And when you're done with it, just unfold it and you've got your T-shirt back! (Seriously, isn't this girl amazing?)

Make sure to check out these two girlies' Youtube channel for more do it yourself ideas! Hope you found these ideas interesting and got inspired to DIY something this summer.

Have fun! xoxo Tiffany

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