Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life atm

I'm bored already but whilst school life isn't what I want to go back to, I have to find some entertainment. I thought I'd be going out a lot more but I ended up just sitting at home for the whole day since most of my friends are abroad.

Sort of just started watching Gossip Girl. I got a bit frustrated because I thought of all those cute couples around me, ones which are my best friends. I'm just there, alone. But I'm trying to get rid of those thoughts! I'm actually going to have fun, being a single pringle.

I really want to go on holiday. Somewhere nice and sunny with a beach would be nice. So I can feel like I have nothing to do with the world and I can finally relax. 

I also thought of all those stupid things I did when I was  bored! It often makes me smirk. Standing up a few bottles up to pretend that they are bowling pins and a tennis ball as the bowling ball. Ah good times!

I always agree with the posts on Teen-Derp while reading them through. Sometimes I laugh so hard I can't even breathe and my eyes get all watery. 

Life is what you make it. Xoxo Jess

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