Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Current Obsessions

It's already the second week of summer and I seem to have forgotten about all the things that I was planning on doing. Somehow I thought learning how to meditate was a good idea (ridiculous, I know). It's not like I'm going to be enlightened just by sitting in the middle of my room with my legs crossed, daydreaming about random crap. So at the end, I decided to give it up (mostly because I have no patience whatsoever and I would start talking to myself) and seek entertainment from guess what -- the Internet (of course).

Therefore this picture on the right explains my current situation. Except I wasn't planning on staring at fruits or counting from one to infinity, and I definitely wasn't planning on doing anything related to school.

Out of my time spent on the internet, I spend 95% of it on tumblr. You may ask, what's so interesting about tumblr that made so obsessed? Well for starters, tumblr is full of quotes and sayings that you can relate to. Plus, it comes with awesome photography. What more can you ask for? Here's one of my favourite.

These are a few awesome pages that you should check out:

Well, more than a few really. But trust me, they're all amazing.

However you're more into funny things, here's some really good ones as well.

These are some funny pages that you should follow:

Other than these, you can also look up whatever you'd like on tumblr. Hopefully, this has convinced you to go on tumblr if you don't already!! Also check out my page Laugh Until We Cry, I would really appreciate it!!

<------------ thought it was necessary to add a cute picture (found on tumblr as well!) (might've gone a bit too far)

Other than reading tumblr, I've also been obsessed with reading magazines. Lately I've been reading Glamour, Seventeen and Elle magazine.


They've got really good websites as well which I've linked above. Check them out if you're really bored, but I end up spending hours on them so beware.

xoxo Tiff

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