Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random bits and bobs to start off

Summer started about a week ago and I've been sitting at home, lazing around. I like to go on YouTube and watch random videos. So I'm gonna share some of my favourite YouTubers with you.


I am absolutely obsessed with anything beauty related. Fleur De Force is one of my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube. I really enjoy her videos and I also read her blog which is really interesting and with that being said I think you should go and check her out. She sells really nice bracelets on her online store as well and I've put all the links below to make life easier for you.

 Fleur's Channel
 Fleur's Website
 Fleur's Shop

Another beauty guru on YouTube that I love watching is Tanya Burr aka pixi2woo. I discovered her through Fleur ( introduced above). Her videos are also very delightful to watch and again I also read her blog. So check her out!

If you are a big fan of vlogs and random funny videos then this guy right here, Joey Graceffa is for you! Joey is obsessed with anime and cosplay. He uploads videos daily so if you're sitting at home pretty much everyday like I am right now (not for long) then you can be entertained by Joey's sense of humour and cuteness everyday.

Last but not least is Alex Goot. He is a musician and his voice is amazing! He does covers and also writes his own songs. I listened to him singing Payphone by Maroon 5 and fell in love with his voice. Subscribe to him NOW!!!!

Ok I think that is all for my first blog post. Keep exploring the YouTube world and you'll find some amazing and talented people. 

Take care. Live it, love it, rock it...but mostly love it! Xoxo Jess

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