Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Current Fashion Obsessions!

I've been drooling over clothing websites lately which is not doing very well for me money wise. So to satisfy my unhealthy obsessions, I'm going to share my current fashion favs at the moment. (I blame it on the fact that I'm staying at a house full of guys only)

I'm not one who tend to follow trends, but I LOVE reading highstreet fashion blogs. Maybe it's just me, but I find designer runway trends quite ridiculous. Like seriously?! Wearing silk pajamas out in public?? I don't think so. 

Anyway, my first obsession are cut-out maxi dresses. This particular one is from Reverse. Isn't it gorgeous? I love how the cut-out bustier which adds more edge to the look. Sadly, I highly doubt that I'll be able to pull this off though. *Sigh* 

❄ Christmas Gift Sets!!! ☃

This is probably a bit early for some people but it's never too late to think of Christmas Wishlists!! I've been noticing Christmas beauty gift sets coming out in stores lately which is making me want to go on a massive shopping spree and buy all of them. I shall dream on because I've already spent waaay too much during the past month on tuck and makeup (shhh!!! don't tell my parents!!). So in order to satisfy my shopping crave, I'm going to write about how much I want these awesome gift sets.
Glossed for Words
I've always wanted to try Soap and Glory's makeup line especially their infamous lip glosses, and this perfect because it includes all five shades:
  • Punchbowl - bubble gum pink
  • Candy Gloss - pale light pink
  • Pink Apricot - light peach
  • Yummy Plum - medium toned mauve
  • Half Naked - medium toned nude
This is a great set because it includes all the must-have shades. One slight disappointment is that they don't have a red, which would definitely tie the knot together. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Favourites!

So October's here, which means monthly favourites! ...oh and it's autumn. Not horribly exciting, and the fact that the weather's been absolutely horrific doesn't make things any better. 

For the past month, I've been wearing very minimal makeup (except the occasional smoky eye) since I got really fed up with smudged eyeliner and mascara, giving me raccoon eyes.