Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Balance Me rose otto intensive lip salve

This came with the August issue of Glamour magazine a while back. It retails at £12 and it is available here. It comes with 10ml of product.This claims to plump, smooth and hydrate the lips. Its ingredients are from 100% natural origin. It is also petroleum-free.

The first time I tried it, I was in the airport and coincidentally my lips were really chapped. After it was on for a little while I was a bit put off by it's strong rose scent, almost sickly. When it gets into your mouth by accident and you taste it, it's not a pleasant taste at all (at least to me). It leaves an almost gloss-like finish (as shown below) and to be quite honest I dislike this factor when it comes to lip moisturising products. I also find this a tad greasy after this sinks into your lips. (As you can see I'm quite fussy with my lip balms)

Although I was not keen on it on my first try. I actually liked it when I used it on already nicely moisturised lips....but on this condition only!

Overall I think this is an ok product, not a must-have. This is now just sitting on my bedside table and you won't be finding this in my on-the-go makeup bag. I mostly reach for my Blistex lip balm all the time and this isn't something I'd choose over that.

It is pricey considering it's only a small tube and for the quality of this I won't really purchase this if it didn't come with the Glamour magazine. I would not recommend this to anyone who already has a 'holy grail' lip balm nor to anyone with dry lips but if your lips are already in a good state and you like glossy lip balms or you can tolerate the strong rose scent then it is worth a try. 

Jess :) 

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