Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quick review: Herbacin chamomile lip balm

I know I just did a lip balm review but I recently bought the chamomile lip balm from Herbacin and since it's nearly time for us to go back to school, I want to do a few more posts before we go because we might get very busy.

Herbacin is made in Germany and I also got this specific item in the Berlin airport. It comes with 0.17oz or 4.8g.  It cost 2.20 euros where I got it.

It has a really nice smell, to me it's a mixture of vanilla and chamomile. It also doesn't have a funky taste if if gets into your mouth which is always a bonus.

It does give you a bit of shine but not enough to be glossy. It leaves a slightly more greasy feel than than the blistex one (my current favourite) but not to a point where it bothers me.

I like this product and this will hands down come in second after my blistex lipbalm!

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