Saturday, September 1, 2012

August favourites (2012)

Here is my first favourites post on this blog. So let's get started. Firstly is the Lioele water drop bb cream. I just got back from Europe yesterday and for the 11 days I was there, I wore this almost every single day. I bought the sample size a few days before my holiday but I now love it so much that I went and got a full-sized product today. I'm definitely going to do a review on this soon.

Next up is the Garnier tinted anti-dark circles roll-on concealer. I just love the convenience of this product. Just roll a tiny amount on your dark circles and gently blend it in with your ring finger and it covers up pretty well. I got it in the shade fair.

For eyeshadow is the Calvin Klein tempting glance eyeshadow in #106 sandstone. I wore this a lot since I got it in July. This shade is very versatile because its matte finish. I use this in my crease, I use this all over the eye lids and I also use this as a brow powder sometimes. This is a pricey product but I actually got this in a sale with more than half off. Though I think I won't be repurchasing this mainly because of its original price and similar colours are fairly easy to find.

This is seriously the best pencil eyeliner I've ever used! It is the Sasatinnie waterproof retractable eye definer in 01 black! It does not smudge at all throughout the day and this is also very affordable. I like this mostly for tight lining the eyes because although it does budge a little bit on the waterline, it does not smudge like crazy and transfer below the lower lash line. I wore this in Vienna then it started raining but it still did not smudge.

Next is the Maybelline the magnum volum' express in waterproof black. This does not smudge at all. For me I'm really fussy about mascaras because I will not use ones that are not waterproof and I need them to stay all day. For some reason eyeliner and mascara are the only things that budge for me (eyeshadow doesn't really crease on my lids) so I think finding good eyeliners and mascaras are on the top of my list compared to eyelid primer or face primer. This also holds curl very nicely. I had this when I was still only wearing glasses and at the end of the day my lashes would still be curled.

My favourite lip product of the month is Natural collection's juicy lips in Turkish Delight (for some reason this specific shade is not sold online). Although I'm a huge fan of buying lip products, it isn't very often that I put on anything except lipbalm. However, I find myself always reaching for this as this is a 'my lips but better' shade. It has the slightest bluish shimmer to it and it looks really subtle on the lips. It taste and smells amazing, I would say it smells like strawberry ice cream but maybe it's suppose to smell like Turkish delight?? This is priced at just £1.99 in Boots. I think this will soon become my go-to lip colour/product.

I've never done much to my eyebrows I just like using a clear brow gel to keep the hair in place. And I quite like this clear mascara for the job, Collection (aka Collection 2000, they recently changed their name) colour lash all day lasting mascara in #11 clear. Unlike some other clear mascaras that I've used in the past (Jordana & Natural Collection) this actually holds my brow hairs in place keeping my brows looking polished. Again this is an affordable product. I chose to find a photo of a new product instead of my one because I used mine over brow pencil a few times and it now looks a bit gross so I decided not to be showing in on here

This is the Blistex medicated mint balm. This really does the job. It's moisturising but it doesn't leave a greasy feeling either. I am not a fan of the shine that lipbalms give to the lips but this does not have that so I'm very impressed. Another good thing is that it gives your lips a bit of a tingling sensation since it is mint scented. I love it for another reason-it's affordable too!

One thing I have to thank is this Boots spot wand with teatree + witchhazel. I have acne prone skin and this helped with my acne so much. Not only does it heal the acne, it also helps to fade the scars. It comes with two sides, a day and a night. I find that the day side is better for drying out active breakouts whereas the night side moisturises the dried up acne and fades scars. I have repurchased this product a ton of times! Try this if you suffer from acne or scarring.

My favourite piece of jewellery is this vintage looking watch that my dad got for me in a Boutique. I think it just adds a nice touch to the outfit plus it tells you the time which is perfect as I didn't want to carry too much jewellery around with me while I was traveling so I thought this multipurpose piece was a good one to have.

Favourite gadget of the month is this handy dandy pocket fan! It is powered with 2 AAA batteries and I was so glad I brought it with me to Europe. It got so hot on the bus as the air con was quite crap then I took this out while everyone is dying of heat and was so grateful of having it there, it saved my life!

That's it for my August favourites. Until next time, take care. xoxo Jess

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