Monday, September 3, 2012

How to: Simple way to go green!

Global warming is caused by the increasing level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Global warming occurs naturally but we are speeding up the process. The causes are factories, the burning of fossil fuels methane emissions from animals.

The limited unsustainable natural resources are being used up. The landfills are reaching their full capacity.

My (simple) methods to go green and reduce the amount of waste!

  1. When you go out, bring a bigger bag.
    Say you have a small clutch with you and you are shopping with your best friend and you end up buying a pile of stuff and having a small clutch results in getting more plastic bags because the items won't fit into your clutch. By bringing a bigger bag (I suggest totes) you will save getting all those plastic bags. If you are using a small bag, why not fold a bigger tote and have it in your small bag so it will be there if it's needed. Same applies to grocery shopping. Bring your own bag to reduce the amount of plastic bags you have to get. Plastic takes a long time to biodegrade....don't saturate the landfills!
  2. Switch the lights off!
    This may sound simple but by switching off the lights in a room you won't be in for the next....few hours or so will save a lot of money, energy & reduce greenhouse gases!
  3. Take the public transport.
    True it is sometimes more convenient to have your own car but taking the public transport means people who all want to reach the same destination gets there on one vehicle.  Again reduction of the release of greenhouse gases, saves fuel and money. Or riding a bike helps too.
    Burning of fossil fuels can cause acid rain and kill animals in lakes, ponds and rivers.
  4. Recycle.
    Recycling means plastic, aluminium cans and paper can be reused. Recycled plastic, aluminium cans and paper are made. This is not necessarily saving energy as sometimes the energy being used to recycle various items is greater than the energy required to produce 'new' ones but the materials used to make new plastic, aluminium cans and paper can be saved to make something else.
  5. Plant trees.
    Trees take in carbon dioxide (one of the greenhouse gases) and release oxygen in the process of photosynthesis. Trees are used to make furniture, paper...  Deforestation leads to flooding as tree roots absorb the water to control its flow. The damage of flooding often costs a lot to repair and more energy to used during the repair.
  6. More veg, less meat.
    With lots of people eating meat means more animals have to be produced and more methane (one of the greenhouse gases) is released into the atmosphere. Eating less meat will reduce the number of animals needed in order to provide the meat that we need thus less methane.

    I'm not an expert but these are the basics that I do to help make a difference. Jess.

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