Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Product review: Lioele waterdrop bb aqua makeup

I heard a lot of great things about this before from various different gurus, bloggers and beauty enthusiasts but I never thought of trying it because I was quite skeptical about it. I didn't think it'd suit my skin type (I have combination acne prone/congested skin), I thought it would be greasy or heavy feelings and I thought it wouldn't provide the coverage or finish I desire.

Then about a month ago I found the sample size in a beauty store so I decided it would be a great way to try it out. A small little tube (it doesn't say how much product it comes with) lasted me about half a month! The full-size comes with 50ml. The bottle itself is an iridescent baby blue with a silver lid.

A few days ago, I actually went out to get the full-sized product. I was so excited to see it being more affordable than I thought it'd be but realised that it's discounted! And I think it was 45% off, bargain! Though it'll hurt when I need to get a new tube because originally, it is quite expensive.

I pretty much fell in love with this bb cream after I applied it for the first time. It is a dream to blend and does not leave a grey cast on the skin like a lot of typical Asian bb creams do. After applying it just by my fingers I discovered a better way to get a less cakey finish. By using the sigma F60 flat foundation brush (or sometimes the Real Techniques stippling brush)  I feel like it doesn't put on much excess product and gives a more flawless finish. It feels very light-weighted on the face. The staying power isn't the best but setting it with a tiny amount of powder makes it last longer. I tend not to do that anymore as I find powder a little dry. I just get a piece of tissue paper to blot off excess moisture and product on the surface what this does is to prevent smearing and to make it stay on a lot longer. It leaves a slight shine (if you don't blot off the moisture) but it isn't in a bad way, it's just a healthy glow.

An added bonus. I hate unnecessary packaging and when companies have a huge tube but they don't fill the product to the top! This goes right to the top of the tube! But there is one thing I have to warn you about and it is the scent. There is a very noticeable fragrance in this product and this might not be suitable for you guys out there with sensitive or damaged skin. I recommend this to everyone else otherwise. Also if you're a bb cream junkie, definitely try this out.

I'm enjoying this product so much that lately I have given up using my foundation.

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