Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Swatches+Review: MUA Single Eye Shadows

(From left to right) Shade 5, 7, 8
(From left to right) Shade 10, 19, 20
It's about time for me to swatch and review these exceptionally affordable eye shadow by Make Up Academy. I have 6 to swatch and talk about. For starters there are only 2 finishes: matte and pearl. Here I have 4 pearls and 2 mattes. For the money you pay the quality of these shadows are so amazing with the exceptions of some lighter matte shades (I had shade 17, a matte beige, before but I really did not feel that I need to keep it since it looked like nothing on the lids and it is quite a dull beige unlike something that has a pinky undertone which can help to brighten the eyes).

Shade 5:
  • Pearl finish
  • Fairly pigmented
  • Lime green with yellowish duo-chrome
Shade 7:
  • Pearl finish
  • Fairly pigmented
  • Moss green
Shade 8:
  • Pearl finish
  • VERY pigmented
  • Bright electric blue
  • Similar to Urban Decay's painkiller (shown in blog post: link, not talked about but photographed in a palette)
Shade 10:
  • Pearl finish
  • Fairly pigmented
  • Dark aubergine with blue shimmer
Shade 19:
  • Matte finish
  • Somewhat pigmented
  • Medium brown
  • Good for filling in eyebrows
Shade 20:
  • Matte finish
  • Somewhat pigmented
  • Black
  • Good for using as an eyeliner in place of pencil, liquid or gel
Available here: MUA-£1.00       
So once again, thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful and until next time...happy reading!



  1. I love MUA eyeshadows, good quality and so cheap! xx

    1. I know, will not spend like 13 pounds on a mac one!
      Thanks for reading :) x