Friday, August 2, 2013

Product Review: Caudalie S.O.S Eye Rescue

So because I have been using the Artistry by Amway replenishing eye cream for the longest time (I mean like since I started using skin care, so maybe 5 and a half years ago), I decided it was time to try something new. I first heard about this from Ruth (a model recommends) on her blog. I was intrigued because it looked like it would be a good one to switch to. Going off into a bit of a tangent, if you like to find out about beauty products that are not really talked about that much then I highly recommend checking out Ruth's youtube channel or blog!

Turned out I was right, this did not disappoint me besides the price which normally will cause me to delete that from my to-try list (at least for me, some may say if you can pay a bit more to get nice skin then why not?). I was going to purchase it anyway but coincidentally it was on sale so I thought perfect! 20% off from 315HKD to 252HKD in Sasa.

The consistency of this eye cream is very thin almost like a gel but not quite there yet. It feels extremely light on the eye area and it absorbs pretty quickly allowing you to start making up the eyes after a few minutes of application.

I think this does an amazing job of hydrating and de-puffing the eye area but one thing that it does not really help with is my dark circles although I think it would be difficult to find something strong enough to help with my severe dark circles (due to lack of sleep, allergies and genetics altogether) so I suppose a little bit of concealer will not hurt. And this isn't one of those it hydrates for a while but then your eye area gets super dry again type of product, I find that it has helped my skin around my eyes from deep within to hydrate itself after a few hours of application (especially noticeable when I have makeup on).

I find it confusing because on the box and the tube the name states that it is for morning uses but then the product description and directions for use state that it should be used both day and night. Nonetheless I use it both mornings and evenings regardless of what it says.

Overall, a lovely eye cream and I will definitely repurchase this but maybe only when there is an offer.

Available here: £16.20 on feelunique (with free delivery!)
Jess x

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