Sunday, March 16, 2014

Review: Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara

After hearing so much hype about the Covergirl clump crusher, I was intrigued to try this one by Max Factor as they are essentially the same product. I got the one in black and water resistant.
 It has a slightly curved rubber bristle brush which I don't mind but honestly I didn't feel like it helped to push my lashes up whilst applying it. The formula was not really for me, I have heard that it stays on for a long time and that it is fine to use on the lower lashes without smudging. I had this on my lower lashes, my friend was telling me a joke and I was laughing so hard that my eyes watered and the mascara instantly smudged. I didn't stick with this mascara for long before tossing it because I was so disappointed after hearing how amazing it is at holding curl, and its staying power, It wasn't cheap either in fact it is quite expensive for a drugstore mascara-at 11 quid, I could probably get a better mascara with half that price in the drugstore.
Jess x

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